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Building rapport is not just about talking shop. Sharing interests & hobbies is a great way to form a connection. And as many dog lovers know, you often remember someone's pet faster than their name. If you agree, share a pic of your pet! #LasVegasBusiness #DogLovers #PetWorking ...

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Each month, there are times with 3-4 competing events. Often one Thursday (like tonight) is packed (why do they do that?). Check the Network.Vegas calendar before you decide - see all the events in 1 place! https://1l.ink/VNT5SMB #LasVegasEvents #LasVegasBusiness ...

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Cold sales outreach: "What time can we chat tomorrow/this week? Let's jump on a call! Sorry to bug you but I still have not received a response." Don't send pushy, cold emails. Network, develop strong relationships & grow your business. #SalesFail #BusinessNetworking ...

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Networking Tip: Find the right room. There are so many events & groups. Where will you meet potential clients or referral partners? Try different events until you find the right room. Network, make connections, grow your business. #NetworkVegas #BusinessNetworking #LasVegasEvents ...

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Join Network.Vegas free and get our newsletter of upcoming events. See our featured picks and our list of upcoming events. #LasVegasBusiness is on fire with quality events. Don't miss out! #NetworkVegas #LasVegasEvents #BusinessNetworking #VegasBusiness ...

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We want to express our sadness at the loss of the Mount Charleston Lodge yesterday & gratitude that no one was hurt in the fire. It had a rich history of over 100 years. We look forward to its rebuilding. This 1969 photo is from the Nevada State Museum.

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How do you describe your business in 45 seconds? Describing what you do probably doesn't convey how you're unique. Describe the value you provide. Do you make your customers money, help them save money or improve their life? That's a memorable #ElevatorPitch #BusinessNetworking ...

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Networking is about finding your tribe. There is immense power in collaboration. Who will support you & your business? Who can you help & work with? Attend events, find your collaborators, grow your business. #NetworkVegas #LasVegasEvents #LasVegasBusiness #BusinessNetworking ...

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New C Level Sponsor Announcement- Leah Martin Law is in the Network! From business formation to contract law to litigation to estate planning, Leah Martin Law delivers for you, your business & family. Learn more: https://1l.ink/3RT44B8 #LasVegasAttorney #LasVegasLawyer ...

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Getting spam calls? Tell those cold callers to get to an event & meet new people. Networking builds positive relationships. Robocallers get blocked; networkers become profitable. Use Network.Vegas to find great networking events to attend. #NetworkVegas #LasVegasEvents ...

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It's National Small Business Week! This past year and a half has been very difficult. But we celebrate the ingenuity, grit and perseverance of small businesses around the country. America's entrepreneurs inspire us. #NationalSmallBusinessWeek #LasVegasBusiness #VegasBusiness ...

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Let us take a moment to remember the lives lost, the heroes born, and families that survived the tragic events that will always be remembered by a nation. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
#AmericaStrong #NetworkVegas #AlwaysRemember

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Tomorrow is 20 years. Anyone who was old enough that day knows where they were when it happened. We remember those lost & their families. We remember the hero first responders. We celebrate the service & heroic measures so many people took. #September11 #NeverForget ...

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Local Business Events on 1 Calendar. Search by Organizer: chamber, association, non-profit & more. Search by venue, date or time. See our Featured Events. Don't see your event? Join & Submit it for FREE. #LasVegasEvents #LasVegasBusiness #VegasBusiness https://1l.ink/4428KWB ...

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Great networkers are great connectors. Connectors are attentive, look for opportunities to help others & have a giving mentality. Giving to others strengthens relationships & enhances your reputation. #BeAConnector #GiversGain #Networking #BusinessNetworking #LasVegasBusiness ...

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NEW FEATURE!! Meeting for coffee? We've got a present for you. Use our new Local Coffee Shop Map! Support local businesses and enjoy great coffee. #lasvegasliving #vegascoffeeshop #vegascoffee #lasvegascoffee #shoplocallasvegas
Check it out here: https://1l.ink/KM8DHTG

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