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S2 Research


S2 Research is a Marketing Intelligence Firm that specializes in using market research insights to develop innovative marketing strategies.

Our unique approach unlocks hidden insights about your audiences, and refines that information into an actionable format to develop cutting-edge strategic marketing recommendations. Our experts have more than a decade of experience in survey design and analysis, audience segmentation and profiling, and marketing strategy development.

Founded by Matt Seltzer, S2 utilizes more than a decade of market research and strategy experience to deliver success to our clients. With experience researching audiences across travel and tourism, music and sports, consumer goods and services, gaming and hospitality, education, and more, we have a wealth of experience waiting to help you reach your goals.

Whether looking for a managed approach toward survey design and analysis, a deep-dive into market conditions, or a fresh take on marketing planning, S2 Research is here to deliver an exciting, innovative, data-driven solution to your marketing challenges.

Matt Seltzer

Market Research & Strategy Partner for Agencies and Marketing Teams | Owner at S2 Research

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