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Tami Belt/Public Relations & Branding

I place clients in the spotlight by helping them find the stories that shape the perception of how they want to be seen by the audience they desire to serve to build relationships in order to keep them engaged.

Communicating without a plan is risky business.
You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, so why communicate without a plan?
Public Relations is the strategic crafting of your story, your message. Publicity is the result of your story being placed in front of your desired audience through social, print and electronic media. Public Relations goes beyond telling your story. It’s about sparking conversations, engaging your desired audience, building relationships and shaping your brand.

You don’t own your brand. It’s not your logo, your tagline or what you say it is. Your brand is a perception in your audience’s mind. The good news is you can shape their perception through the stories you share.

I also offer online classes and public speaking/training.


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